The Fight Back Starts Now

The next four years will bring new fights over America’s direction. Commit today to the coming battles.

The election is over. Now we must recommit to our conservative principles and stop the liberal agenda.

Liberals are already claiming President Obama’s reelection as a mandate for big government liberalism.

Over the last four years, we have seen the damage a progressive, liberal administration can do to America. Now we face further challenges: Obamacare...runaway debt and spending...debilitating tax hikes...growing dependency on government...and a crippled national defense.

We will not and cannot allow this unchecked liberalism to continue.

We must turn up the pressure now to get America back on track.

Now that the election is over, our elected officials must do what is right for America.

These five issues are critical:

  • We must repeal Obamacare and bring real health care solutions for the American people based on consumer choice and free market principles.
  • We must cut spending, fix the debt, reform entitlements, and balance the budget within ten years without raising taxes.
  • We must ensure our nation has a strong national defense.
  • We must restore limited, constitutional government.
  • We must preserve American exceptionalism, because we think Lincoln was right when he called America “the last, best hope of earth.”

Do not despair. Do not give up. Fight back!

The Obama agenda can only succeed if we let it.

I am committed to a principled, conservative agenda and will work tirelessly to implement it and reject big government liberalism.


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I Commit to Conservative Principles